Customer Check In

Clear & Accurate Customer Sign In Kiosk

Improve Customer Service using a Kiosk

Customer Service can always be improved in quality and time. Having a sign in system does both. Customers are immediately registered in a self tracking system that communicates to staff the clear names and needs of each individual. This information is automatically sorted and sent to the computers so that employees can help the customers that they serve best in the order they arrived. Employees can approach your clients more prepared knowing their needs

Let customers shop while they wait

If customers are waiting for customer service they could use that time to shop in your store. With a Check In system they can register and then browse the store without standing in lines. Having the Customer Check In kiosk shows your clients you have a system of handling people as they arrive without aggravating lines

Fast & Easy Check In Process

Customer Check In provides a fast and easy way for your clients to register their name and needs immediately upon arrival and without the need for a receptionist. A one screen, 10 second process.

Document Customer Trends

Having a check in system will document your daily workload and customer needs. Over time, management can use these reports to define staffing needs and key areas of improvement.

Easy to Use Touch Screens

The information from each customer is time stamped, sorted and then passed to the computers in your office in a convenient sidebar display. Employees can acknowledge customers in a check list format letting others know that the customer has been helped.

Organization means Efficiency

With a paper sign in sheet the information is hard to read. Having a Check In system provides clear and accurate names, times and reasons for visit. Every customer is time stamped and the information is sorted for employees automatically.

Easy Customer Check In
using an Apple iPad


Our latest product uses the Apple iPad for your touch screen kiosk.

Light, Compact & Powerful

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